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A words to live by


“You are not designer unless you are growing (every day)”...
Yeah, these are the words that fully describe me. I believe every morning you receive this unique chance to learn something new. And if you don’t take it, then you are just a tiny fraction of the person you could have become.

I am also passionate about behavioral economics and football. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Education is the movement from darkness to light.


Time period

2006 / 2010

Foreign language school.

G.R.E G.S Rakovski

Time period

2010/ 2015

Bachelor's degree

Transport Technology

Technical University of Sofia

Time period

2015 / 2017

Master's degree

Web design

New Bulgarian

Time period

2019 - 2022


User experience

Technical University of Sofia

Hands-on experience

This table represents not only all the days spent behind the desk, but also the hands-on experience I have gained through the years. Every title achieved and every project accomplished in the course of my career have shaped my current understanding of design which today boils down to the statement that "We don't need to sacrifice aesthetics to have practicality. They should go hand in hand."

2020 / Present

Creative Director at SpotOn

2018 / 2020

Product designer at SumUp

2016 / 2018

 Product/Lead designer
at Montway

2015 / 2017

 UI/UX designer
at Yatrus Analytics

2013 / 2016

 Web designer at RIZN

2012 / 2013

 Web designer at DotSlave

2011 / 2013

 Graphic Designer at Symbol Media Group

2010 / 2011

 Web / Graphic Designer at Trend Studio

2009 / 2010

 Graphic Designer
at Vission Studio


Skills &
Fields of experience

♦  Product Design
♦  User Experience
♦  User Interface
♦  Web Design
♦  Branding

Honors & Awards

♦  First prize in category "Corporate Web Site"

      - Annual Web Contest [ BG Site 2016]

♦  First prize in category "Online Commerce" 

      - Annual Web Contest [ BG Site 2015 ]

♦  First prize in category "Careers ''

      - Annual Web Contest [ BG Site 2015]

♦  First prize in category "Cause, Event and Community ''

      - Annual Web Contest [ BG Site 2014 ]

Ready to play?

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