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/Nice to meet you

Hello, Uber! It is an honour that you have landed on my page. I found out that you are looking for a designer in Sofia from a friend of mine and at the moment that I saw the tweet, I got goosebumps.
I have colleagues working as engineers at Uber, and I have always hoped to see that there is an open design position too.
Without wanting to sound too forward, this is the first position I apply for in the past 6 years, since I usually get contacted by companies.
But I guess I was just waiting for this special one, that was going to trigger me. So here I am, giving my best to impress you. I hope you will enjoy it.


My name is Daniel Mitev, a multidisciplinary designer with 10 years of professional experience. In the beginning, I started as a self-taught designer, which built my work method around understanding how things work in order to use them. During the first 4 years of my career I was focusing on graphic, then web design and UX, which allowed me to perfect the basic rules in order to break them afterwards and yet brought me where I stand today.

I have always believed that design should serve and be used by real people, not simply be beautifully displayed on Dribbble or Behance. And I feel extremely “liberated” to share my thoughts on this topic with you because I believe the Uber app is a celebration of human-centered design and it gives me the feeling I am on the right track with what I strive to achieve in my career. 

I have used the Uber app multiple times in two completely different markets like Europe and South America. But when I first did, I remember noticing that my payment details were only asked after I finished my trip. I found myself attracted by this small detail. It automatically made me think that the reasoning behind it is to ease the process of ordering a car and focus on the service’s main purpose - to get a ride from A to B in no time. And no matter how simple it sounds, many apps break the user flow exactly because they forget to be convenient for people.

And this is what, according to my understanding, app design should always keep at its heart - users.


Play again?


/The reason

I am currently working for the fastest growing company in Europe - Sumup and I love seeing how it continues expanding every day thanks to our dedication and effort.

For example, we have managed to release a new update to the mobile app, which was something that had not been done in the last 5 years. What disappoints me often, however, is the reverse mindset of some of my colleagues from management that often make decisions based on personal intentions and beliefs, rather than on what the gathered user data is showing.

That's why the only reason why I would like to change my position is to land at a place where people know the user is a king and where decisions are being taken based on the data that was found, not on management's personal opinions.

And I am sure that Uber is this place.



When applying for a new job the most important thing, besides a well-motivated statement, is the portfolio. I believe that things should be done in the right way, and this takes time. I do not want to share with you unmotivated projects.
For me, the essence of a designer lies in how he presents his designs, and that’s why I think that when you are presenting a case study, it has to be perfect in any sense. That's why I would be more than happy to tell you in details about my work over a call. You can also check and explore the Sumup apps or the Ship.Cars platform. Another way to see my work is to visit my profiles on Behance and Dribbble.


 /Skills mapping

Here are some of the qualities that I have developed over the years.

>     Taking decisions

I love to be part of the process of taking decisions from start to finish. For me, the design process is like a needle that passes through all the layers of the fabric. If this does not happen, some of the pieces will not be attached properly, and this will cause problems. Also, I do not limit my involvement only to the actual design but usually extend to almost all the software development processes.

>     Proactiveness

When looking for the right solution I always start with problem identification. I never wait to be told that there is a certain issue and then fix it. Instead, I strive to be proactive and take the initiative.

>     Data over opinions

That’s it. No one is bigger than the facts. Opinions without data are just thoughts.

>     Teamwork and cooperation

I believe as a designer I should never work by myself and I believe engaging colleagues in the design processes brings a lot of positives such as visibility and additional expertise.